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Website Copywrite | How it Impacts Search Engine Optimization Featured

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Before proceeding it is important to understand what "Copywrite" is and means: Copywriting is the act of writing copy (text) for the purpose of advertising or marketing a product, business, person, opinion or idea. The addressee (reader, listener, etc.) of the copy is meant to be persuaded to buy the product or service that is advertised, or subscribe to the viewpoint the text communicates.

Good web copy is developed in way that provides an easy and informative read for your website visitors, while frequently hitting on all the key words and phrases a search engine may seek when querying the internet.  Sounds easy enough, right? ....well not exactly! Obviously humans digest web content differently than robot algorithms set to scan your site's content.  The challenge in developing web copy that suits both search engines and site users.


Web copy developed by AdverGroup is carefully thought out, as weaving words is one of our specialties! You can trust that our extraordinary communication skills will be implemented as we ensure that your web copy adequately conveys all the services and products your company provides.  We achieve this by first developing a content strategy which includes discussing your business with you in depth. We have developed an online form which assists our clients in communicating their company products and services to us, so that we may develop custom copy for your website that achieves both an easy read for your site's visitors, while establishing all the criteria desired by search engine robots.

Copy or site content authored by a Professional Copywriter certainly provides clients with an edge in a content-driven market. A good friend of mine once said “in the realm of successful web sites, content is king!” This is so true! To achieve good copy or solid content for your website, employing a professional and reliable copywriter is a necessity! Our experience in writing copy for brochures, blogs and creative media of all kinds, ensures that we have the in depth knowledge and experience required to develop copy for your website that effectively supports your overall brand and content marketing strategy. Knowing that writing effective marketing content requires combining marketing and SEO strategy, while exhibiting informational and personal appeal, would you entrust the authoring of such a critical content to an amateur?

Now to put it all into perspective: Your business needs a web site and budget is always a concern. So you consider writing your own copy. On top of that you have selected a budget web designer. There are certainly web design companies that will sell you anything. They will promise you a web site that works within your budget. However they will cut corners and deliver the minimum requirements while satisfying clients with surface appeal. This means only Global SEO and Meta Tagging if you are lucky, or more likely no SEO or Meta tagging at all.  

To summarize, here is the equation:

Client Written Copy + Budget Web Designer (No SEO) =  You have a new web site but it is blind to search engines!

Your site may look good, but is it working for your business? Are potential clients finding your new web site organically, or are you working and spending more time and money to drive traffic to your web site? You may have saved money on the initial development. However, did you meet you objective in developing a successful web site that yields true results?

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