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Shopify eCommerce Web Design: Auto Part Store Fitment Filter Year Make Model YMM Featured

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Recent Shopify eCommerce Website Design for Automotive Fitment Filter YMM Year Make Model

Website Design Client:  Tire & Wheel Experts

Location:  Batavia, IL 60510


This client needed a Year Make Model Filter for their auto part eCommerce store.   Every major eCommerce auto part store has this unique type of YMM filter that allows users to enter their vehicles year, make, model to find compatible auto parts. While this YMM Filter sounds simple and easy enough to accomplish, the YMM Fitment Filter for automotive eCommerce is actually pretty complicated.  This filter requires source data and complicated logic to allow assignment of the customers vehicle, and relate products based on various hidden data coded to each product.

We accomplished this Fitment YMM Filter functionality for this client's eCommerce website. This allows association of "vehicles chassis id"  to "product criteria".  This links each Year, Make, Model (and in this clients case also) sub-model and drive type, to appropriate products.  

Deliverables for this Automotive eCommerce Website Design for Tire & Wheel Experts in Batavia, IL 60510

  • Logo re-creation required for this recent Shopify Automotive website design.  The auto part store had a logo that was created before we were brought onboard for this project. However, the logo was low resolution and no source file was provided. Therefore, we needed to re-create the logo in a high resolution format so we could reformat and reshape the logo as needed.
  • Custom Shopify eCommerce Theme Design using the Shopify eCommerce Platform.  When designing websites for clients we do not dictate which platform is selected. We evaluate the clients objectives and provide recommendations.  Knowing the client had goals to make purchasing auto parts easy for customers, we new Shopify should be considered. We then examined all the other needs of the project and determined that we were able to deliver all that was required by the projects objectives using Shopify eCommerce.
  • Creation of Client's eCommerce Product Feed .This client had no pre-existing eCommerce website.  All that was provided to us was an excel spreadsheet that provided minimal data relative to their current inventory.   We took that information and created a master product feed that possessed all the field headings for data tables as required to formulate a "product feed" that could be imported into the Shopify eCommerce Platform. 

YMM Compatibility FILTER for eCommerce Auto Parts Website Design

YMM Year Make Model Compatibility Chart for eCommerce website designCustom Year Make Model YMM Fitment Filter for Auto Parts eCommerce

  • Year Make Model YMM Fitment Filter Custom Design for Shopify eCommerce.   The client had very specific desires as to how they wanted their YMM filter to appear and function.  We custom coded filter criteria and design layout so that this "year make model" filter would look exactly as the client required.
  • Year Make Model YMM Fitment Filter Custom Data Crunching App.  Think about every automotive vehicle manufactured by every automobile manufacturer on the planet.  Now think of the various years of production and various model types of each of those vehicles.   This information is all managed by assigning a unique chassis ID to every vehicle ever made.  We developed a custom crunching app that would allow this client to automate the process required to format their Shopify Data Feed and YMM data imports.  Without this custom application, the client can simply add new products and assign compatibility with YMM Chassis ID's. This would have been a mind numbing and time consuming choir for any human.  
  • After adding products to cart, show and offer compatible products based on Year Make Model YMM data.  This is another "easier said than done" eCommerce function. Again think of the countless automobiles made in all of history, and their varying specifications and criteria. Now think of an auto part stores inventory and all those parts varying specifications.  Now, consider once a product is added to an eCommerce shopping cart, now match compatible products that might exist in other product categories. That is what we delivered for this client!

Other Items included in this Automotive eCommerce Website Design Project:

  • Custom Contact Fields in Checkout Process.  This client required customers to verify the vehicle fo which they are purchasing rims and tires for. The solution was to add a custom field to the check out process. That way, the sales rep can verify fitment before the very expensive product would be shipped via freight carrier.
  • Custom Payment Method for PayTomorrow financing option for Shopify.
  • Content Creation: Website included service page content creation. Meaning that AdverGroup wrote all eCommerce policy text for this auto part website design project.  We coded all webpage articles to include proper metadata for search engine optimization for automotive auto parts, tires and rims.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Shopify eCommerce Website:  We coded all metadata on their homepage and webpages, we also produced Search Optimized Blog Content and SEO Blog Configuration plus SEO Optimized Content Creation for this auto part store.
  • Included configuration of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Creation of custom website Favicon.

We develop and deliver specialized custom automotive auto part eCommerce websites using the Shopify eCommerce platform.   We help eCommerce stores achieve unique functionality required by their industry or product types. Beyond being an auto part eCommerce web design expert, we are also experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Automotive eCommerce Stores.  We offer complete packages that include work flow and inventory management training that helps our eCommerce website design clients keep their Shopify websites active and prominent on search engine result pages. 

Contact AdverGroup today for assistance in achieving a professional automotive eCommerce website design, similar to what we delivered for this local Batavia, IL  based local auto part store.  

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