Corporate branding is leveraging corporate brand equity to create product brand recognition. It is a type of family branding or umbrella brand. Corporate branding can result in significant economies of scope since one advertising campaign can be used for several products. It also facilitates new product acceptance because potential buyers are already familiar with the name.

Branding can incorporate multiple touch points. These touch points include; logo, customer service, treatment and training of employees, packaging, advertising, stationery, and quality of products and services. Any means by which the general public comes into contact with a specific brand constitutes a touchpoint that can affect perceptions of the corporate brand.

Genius AdverGroup provides marketing services, employing various creative media solutions that achieve a multitude of effective touch points.

Genius AdverGroup Marketing Services

- Account-Based Marketing

- Brand Management

- Broadcasting

- Copy Write

- Digital Marketing (In-Game)

- Direct Marketing

- Internet Marketing

- Marketing Management

- Marketing Ethics

- Market Research

- Marketing Strategy

- Product Promotion

- Point of Sale

- Product Placement

- Promotional Items

- Promotional Content

- Promotional Media

- Printing

- Publicity 

- Publication