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3 Websites Designed for Independent Energy Consultants in Chicago, Lake Zurich & Dallas Featured

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Web Design in Lake Zurich AMBIT ENERGY CONSULTANTWebsite Design Clients:  

(Group of 3)   Independent Ambit Energy Consultants

Location:  Chicago, Lake Zurich and Dallas, Texas

Website URL:

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A group of Ambit Independent Energy Consultants  (one located in Chicago, one in Lake Zurich and one in Dallas, Texas) were seeking to develop 3 websites to achieve a new ways to conduct business after the COVID-19 pandemic. Typically, their business relied on meeting face to face with clients. Since COVID thwarted in person meetings they needed to achieve a greater online presence within Social Media and within search engine result pages.  Their corporation provided website tools, but they just did not possess the custom components required to achieve and adequate home base for their website.

After realizing that AdverGroup had a firm understanding that a corporate website must serve as a solid foundation for SEO. This group of three independent consultants hired AdverGroup to create one website that could then be cloned for each of the three of them to use independently. These SEO optimized clones each contained all the components and blog structure that would allow them to produce SEO optimized content that could be shared o social media with the intention to result in unique visitors to their websites. Each of these cloned websites would be custom designed to suit each individual website owners design requests.

SEO Optimized Corporate Websites for 3 Ambit Independent Energy Consultants located in Chicago, Lake Zurich and Dallas, Texas:

  • AdverGroup consulted clients on selecting unique domains for their three SEO websites.
  • SEO Optimized Website Design and Development using the Joomla Content Management System that could be cloned for various independent consultants within their consultant group.
  • Included custom web design of each independent consultants SEO website.
  • Included custom graphic design using corporate logo faded into images on home page slider.
  • Custom text copy rewrite of text content for blog articles, webpages, and website policies.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimized) Consulting and text content for this independent consulting group authored by AdverGroup, included Intelligently titled pages using key words and phrases in efforts conquer search engine result pages for local athletic clubs.
  • Authored Metadata per Google Guidelines.
  • Optimized athletic club website to minimize load time which is recommended by Google for Search Engine Optimization.
  • Custom Favicon: A favicon, also known as a shortcut icon, website icon, tab icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon, associated with a particular website or website.
  • Youtube Embedded Video Content using scrolling Carousel used to display client's video content and voiceover talent which is published on Youtube. 
  • Custom Image Re-sizer that allows client to resize oversized images when uploading images to blog articles and/or image galleries.
  • Professional Consultation and training specific to Social Media Posting as it relates to Search Engine Optimization. 
  • Set-up and configuration of Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.
  • Professional Consultation and training specific to Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.
  • Site included grid system that allows the clients to reflect current energy rates and plan options as shown below.Website Design Menu Grid

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