AdverGroup Creative Media Solutions specializes in corporate and municipal video production in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. Our professional video production and video commercials include EVERYTHING from writing your narrators script, to high definition (HD) video capture and professional voice over talent.  Commercial videography requires professional experience on all facets of production. AdverGroup possesses in depth experience in all areas. We can write your the script and storyboard, we capture HD video and we produce high quality audio. Furthermore, our graphic design skills put the icing on the cake, as supporting graphics and high quality titling are often needed to produce a high quality end product.

Recent Professional Video Commercials Produced by AdverGroup for clients in the Chicago Area:

Having a high quality and professional video advertisement (also known as video commercial) is no longer reserved for those with large advertising budgets. AdverGroup produces professional corporate and municipal video commercials and infomercials for clients in Chicago and it's surrounding suburbs.

Our professional experience with audio and high definition video production will assist you in looking and sounding like a big budget campaign. The internet has passed television as the largest advertising media platform. So even if you can not afford a television broadcast campaign, streaming an online corporate videos and commercials provides equal or greater reach, to an even more targeted audience.

The vast majority of television and web advertisements today consist of brief advertising spots, ranging in length from a few seconds to several minutes. Producing such a video accomplishes various objectives. In addition to instilling familiarity with your services, products or people, your message will be designed to be striking and memorable, with the intent to remain in the minds of your viewers long after the span of the advertising campaign.

All facets of your production will be produced in house! We have HD video cameras, HD drone cameras, boom microphones, lavaliere microphones and all the tools required to capture the sights and sounds of your company or city's services, Video production involves four main objectives:

  1. Authoring a script that conveys all the information which a client intends to communicate.
  2. Creating a high definition video that meets broadcast standards, and
  3. High quality audio production
  4. Creation of Supporting graphics and Titles.

If you are seeking a local video production company in the Chicago area or it's surrounding suburbs, then look no further. We have produced video for various local businesses and municipalities in and surrounding Chicago. AdverGroup is standing by to assist you with all the video production services required to deliver the high quality videos that will capture your consumers attention.