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Appointment Booking Reservations Wordpress Website Design Chicago Wake Surf Boat Rental Featured

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Local Wordpress Booking and Reservation Website Designer and SEO in Chicago

Website Design Client:  Wake Surf Boat Rental in Chicago

Location:  Chicago, IL



This Veteran owned business was looking to have a website developed for their Wake Surf Water Sports and Boat Rental Business in the City of Chicago.  When this business owner was seeking a local web designer in Chicago, the main objective  was to make sure that this web designer could meet the clients objectives.

The  client's objectives of their web design project were to:
a)  Build a new website that would conquer search engines for water sports and boat rental in the City of Chicago.
b)  Find a web designer in Chicago or nearby that could provide training for the new web design.
c)  Allow booking and reservations to occur directly on their new website.
John and his team at AdverGroup web design were able to deliver all of this clients requirements.   After consulting with the client, we determined that WordPress would be a suitable website platform that could be easy for the client to update and manage their online bookings without monthly recurring fees.

Local Wheeling eCommerce Wordpress Alina Flowers PRODUCTSWordpress Booking and Rental Reservation Website Design Functionality Delivered:

  • New Custom Theme Installed and Designed using Alternate Format of Customer Logo:  This website was a new website development. While the client already had a logo. We reformatted the logo modifying background color and to make the logo transparent for use as an overlay on the animated homepage slider..
  • Install and Configure Booking Component, Plugin, Widget into this new Wordpress Website Design  

Component allows "Appointment Booking" by date and hour. We created custom booking forms for boat rentals and wake surfing appointments with a start time and a defined duration over a schedule. Start times are visually selected by the front end user from a set of start times calculated based in the hours which are pre-set by admins to allow for "Open hours" available for booking and reservations.

This plugin is useful for different cases like booking of boat rentals, hair appointments, medical services where services with different duration and prices may be available, for personal training sessions, for booking rooms for events, for reserving language classes or other type of classes and other type of services/resourcesMain Features

  • Embed Video in Homepage Template, Theme Layout and/or for use any place on the website.
  • Image Gallery Component Formatting and Optimization: AdverGroup obtained all product images from the clients vendors websites and server. We then resized and formatted these images for optimal performance on the new eCommerce Wordpress website.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  We authored and created SEO Titles and metadata on their homepage, webpages and appointments.
  • Wordpress Admin Training: Includes ongoing training relative to updating pages, posts, bookings, reservations, appointments, Wordpress Theme, Home Page Slider, etc.
  • Embedded Instagram Feed on WordPress
  • Custom Web Design with Full Scroll Animation
  • Creation of client's Favicon.
  • Included configuration of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

We are considered among the best Wordpress website developers in the Chicago area due to our experience and willingness to train our clients on how to use the Wordpress Admin Section. We have developed hundreds of Wordpress eCommerce websites with both simple and complex functionality including but not limited to booking and reservation functionality.  Furthermore, we offer complete packages that include training that helps our Wordpress clients keep their Booking and Reservation eCommerce websites active and prominent on search engine result pages. 

Wordpress Booking and Reservation Websites developed by AdverGroup will make online booking and appointment scheduling easy. This will help your service based business or rental business grow.  Beyond being a local Wordpress web design expert for both small and large booking and reservation websites, we are also experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  We provide professional search engine optimized (SEO) Wordpress web designs that are built with the intention to conquer search engines.

Contact AdverGroup today for assistance in achieving a professional Wordpress Booking and Reservation website design in Chicago or nearby.

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