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Time to Embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Content Creation, Stock Images and Product Photography

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Images Generated by AI Artificial IntelligenceThis articles examines how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the world of content creation including, authoring text and creating images. In addition to sharing some of the tools your competition may be implementing to get ahead of you, this article also provides facts on the history and evolution of Artificial Intelligence. The hope is that his article will help you realize the endless possibilities offered by Artificial Intelligence and what to expect in the future. 

Yes, Artificial intelligence (AI) has recently become a hot topic and is making headline news across the world.   Governments across the planet are holding hearings, discussing if AI is a threat and how to regulate the activity of Artificial Intelligence. In fact, here in the United States  California Representative Ted Lieu used AI to write a bill to regulate AI. Another Senator used AI to author and also deliver his opening statements in hearings on the subject. In that regard, I feel it necessary to state that this article was entirely written by a human. 

As AI is now being deployed on a wide scale, world leaders publicize their struggle to understand AI and determine how to regulate this new technology. In the meantime, businesses big and small (of every kind), are already using AI as a tool to move forward. 

Artificial Intelligence Content Creation: Image Creation used for Stock Images and Product Photography

In effort to stay on topic with the subject of this article, let us delve into how Artificial Intelligence is now changing the creative industry, specifically the creation of stock images, product photography and the creation of art, in general. 

As a creative agency, we have always maintained the ability to capture custom product photography and food photography for clients over the years. We also maintain subscriptions and accounts with various stock image resources so that we could help promote our clients products and services. We now maintain subscriptions and accounts with various Artificial Intelligence services.

Enough about how AI could be useful.  It is time you see for yourself. Here is a gallery of images that we used Artificial Intelligence to create product images or images for service based companies such as painting contractors or window installation companies.   I also included a gallery of celebrities, so that you can see how it manages creating images of people.

Samples of Food Photography Created by Artificial Intelligence

Samples of Contractor Images Created by Artificial Intelligence

Samples of Celebrity  Images Created by Artificial Intelligence

AI Content Creation: Authoring SEO Content

a robot typing search engine optimized content

Artificial intelligence and it's many uses are advancing at a rapid rate.  AI has moved far beyond students using artificial intelligence to write essays and navigate through the educational landscape. AI is now being deployed by many individuals, companies and creative agencies to produce text content for their advertisements, job openings, website content and more. Some are broadcasting their use of the tool while other are not.   

I personally do not like using artificial intelligence to write search engine optimized content. In my experience I do not see that AI can fully grasp a content writing strategy entirely.  AI is just a tool that can help, but when optimizing content for the search engines, a human touch is still highly recommended.

AI tools are becoming increasingly popular for creating content because it saves time and money. From creating text for advertisements to writing website copy, you can quickly have your content written with AI technology. 

Recommended Artificial Intelligence Creative Tools

4 advergroup an image of a robot painting a picture to exhibit ar 1299d1bc 77e1 472f b9f3 6ffd6f22c050While the two front runners in the research and develop of Artificial Intelligence appear to be Microsoft and Google, there are numerous companies developing tools that are based in AI. Below are links and short descriptions on specific application you can use to produce AI Text content or to generate images produced by AI.




The History and Evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is not new to Big Tech giants such as Google and Microsoft who have been researching and slowly implementing artificial intelligence for over 10 years . While they have made recent headlines in the AI race, both have actually been at it this AI arms race for over a decade. This article provides hyperlinks to all of the press releases from both Microsoft and Google.  I find it interesting to read these press releases as you are able to get the news straight from the source. 

Microsoft Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft first took stock in the race in 2016 when they announced their plans to "expand artificial intelligence (AI) efforts with creation of new Microsoft AI and Research Group". Shortly after they then partnered with OpenAI. in 2018.  On January 23, 2023 Microsoft announced that "Microsoft and OpenAI extend (their) partnership" in a this Microsoft Press Release. Microsoft goes on to provide more history on their interest in the game, stating "Since 2016, Microsoft has committed to building Azure into an AI supercomputer for the world, serving as the foundation of our vision to democratize AI as a platform".  

Google Artificial Intelligence

Google has been active in the game of Artificial Intelligence since 2011 with Google Brain.  Fact is that AI is the evolution of "Machine Learning". "Generative modeling" began as simple completion of sentences when entering text into the Google Search Engine. Machine learning took leaps and bounds beyond simply finishing typed text in a Google search, in 2022 during the COVID  pandemic Google Machine learning actually helped to save lives.  A Google blog from 2022 explains how Machine Learning was used for Mechanical Ventilation Control

More recently, Google pushed the envelope once again when they announced "Google DeepMind April 20, 2023". Read the press release "Google DeepMind: Bringing together two world-class AI teams."   The merger is reminiscent of how Google evolves by swallowing up smaller specialty companies to expand the Alphabet Company's position in the tech industry. Previous examples include how Google purchased Urchin Software all the way back in 2005 to create Google Analytics. Another bigger example you may be familiar with is when Google absorbed Youtube in 2006.

Google DeepMind is a combination of two AI teams that have been working on separate projects for over 12 years. DeepMind's team was focusing on Artificial General Intelligence while Google's team has worked extensively with Machine Learning. Together it is believed the result from the merger will bring about breakthroughs in building smarter, more sophisticated AI systems.

What about Copyrights on Content Generated by Artificial Intelligence as it relates to Commercial use for images?

Like every licensed based service, you must read the terms and conditions specific to the service you are using. An Example of Copyrights for MidJourney: Paying members have commercial rights to all images they have made, even trial images, and may use them commercially even if they no longer have an active subscription. Trial users may only use images non-commercially and must credit Midjourney. 

However, when you ask Jasper..."What are copyright laws on AI produced content?", the AI generated response is such:

"Copyright laws on AI produced content can be complex and vary by jurisdiction. In general, the creator or owner of the AI program that produced the content may have copyright ownership over the content. However, if the content was created using pre-existing materials or data, there may be additional considerations around ownership or attribution. It's important to consult with legal counsel to better understand the specific laws and regulations in your jurisdiction related to AI produced content and copyright."

What is Big Tech Doing to Contain or Restrain Artificial Intelligence?

The 2023 Press Release which boasts Microsoft and OpenAI follows a 2022 release of "Microsoft’s framework for building AI systems responsibly".  This framework published by Microsoft's Chief Responsible AI Officer Natasha Crampton documents their commitment to move the technology forward, while also admitting that (they) "expect to encounter challenges that require us (them) to pause, reflect, and adjust.

Interesting enough, on May 25, 2023 Google's Deep Mind announced their "early warning system for novel AI risks" stating that "New research proposes a framework for evaluating general-purpose models against novel threats To pioneer responsibly at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence (AI) research, we must identify new capabilities and novel risks in our AI systems as early as possible."

In closing , stop worrying and wondering if AI will hurt you or your business. It is time to embrace this tool and learn how to use it to make your tasks easier. In the right hands AI can be used to promote your product or services effectively!

Artificial Intelligence is real and is being implemented everyday by your competition. It is time to embrace Artificial Intelligence, and use it as a tool to help you compete in todays modern world.

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