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eCommerce Website Design for Deerfield's Bakery in Buffalo Grove & Deerfield Featured

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Local Shopify eCommerce Website Development for Bakery in Buffalo Grove and in DeerfieldWebsite Design Client:  Deerfield's Bakery

2 Locations:  Deerfield 60015 & Buffalo Grove 60089



This local bakery owner already had an eCommerce website that was built using an older version of the Joomla Web Design Platform and j2 eCommerce component which linked to their POS system. While the website operated "okay", this store owner wanted to boost their online sales and wanted an eCommerce website software that was easier to use.  This client was already experimenting with Shopify before contacting us. However, after our initial consultation, this new client knew two things. 1) They were on the right path when considering Shopify for their new eCommerce solutions and 2) They knew AdverGroup was the best local website designer for the job.  

AdverGroup's was selected as this clients new eCommerce website developer due to our experience with the Joomla content management system (which the client was ditching), and also because of our expert Shopify abilities (in understanding the client's new ecommerce software).  As this bakery owner was seeking a local website designer who could migrate their existing inventory from Joomla into their new Shopify system.

Beyond migrating almost 3,000 products from their existing website's inventory, this Bakery website had many custom features and components built into their current online sales process that needed to be incorporated into their new Shopify eCommerce website.  

eCommerce Features & Function Abilities Delivered:

  • Product Options and Variants for eCommerce Bakery Products:    Being a bakery, you could imagine the many product options that could be possible with these food products. Custom options implemented in this project were: cake sizes, cake flavors, icing flavors, custom name inscriptions, cello bag wrapping and more. Even more complicating these options needed to be applied to individual products and/or collections and in some cases were required to change the final product price by adding additional costs for options.. 
  • Bakery eCommerce Website Design Deerfield Buffalo Grove PICK UPPick-Up Locations Configured for Shopify eCommerce:   This local bakery has 2 locations and 95% of their products are for pick-up only. They needed this to be very clear to their shoppers while ensuring a smooth check out process.
  • UPS Shipping API for eCommerce:    While most of this local bakery's items are for pick-up only, they still have some products which are shippable. Therefore, they needed shipping options set for specific products which would provide accurate shipping rates for their shippable products.
  • "Call for Price" or "Get a Quote" for Shopify eCommerce:   This bakery also produces super custom cakes for weddings and all occasions. While they wanted to exhibit these many cake styles on their website, pricing is always custom. So they needed to the ability to designate certain products to show "Call for Price" or "Get a Quote" rather than pricing.
  • Product date restrictions for Seasonal eCommerce Products:  We coded and configured this client's Shopify store to allow the client to set product availability based on dates. This allowed the client to display products in their store, but making them available only to add to cart between certain dates.
  • Product Quantity Restrictions:  Limits can be set on: Total dollar value in cart, Total number of items in cart, Number of individual items, Number of items for a specific product, Number of items within a group of products, Multiples of items in a product group (ie; 6 bottles in a case) Limits based on customer tag such as wholesale, Total weight of items in the cart.
  • Tax overrides configured for Shopify eCommerce:    Shopify for taxes as part of their PCI compliance configuration and in effort to make configurations easy for clients. But what about when you have a food product that only collects 1.75% rather than the tax percentages forced by Shopify? The solution is to configure custom tax overrides in Shopify.
  • "Amazon Style" Filter for eCommerce Products:    When you have almost 3,000 products in your eCommerce store you need an easy way to navigate through the store.  As a local Shopify expert we are have experience configuring your stores inventory properly, ensuring products are tagged intelligently so that your many product types, flavors and product uses are tagged in your products and configured in your filter app to ensure a pleasing user experience for customers who frequent your online store.
  • Coupons and Discounts:    Configured coupons and discounts in the Shopify eCommerce Platform.
  • Custom Preparation Time for eCommerce Products:    This Bakery's process required "preparation time" to be noted and pick-up dates to be restricted dependent upon preparation time set for specific products and dates.
  • Custom Email Notifications to Customers and Administrators:    This client required their very custom eCommerce website to provide specific details on their invoices and emails to customers and administrators.  We custom coded their eCommerce invoices and email notifications to include all the information relative to their specific: pick-up locations, pick-up date, pick-up time, discounts and more.

Additional Tasks Accomplished in this Custom Shopify eCommerce Website Project for Local Bakery in Deerfield & Buffalo Grove:

  • Product Migration and/or Implementation: Migration of clients pre-existing inventory into the Shopify eCommerce Software. Over 3,000 products!  This migration of products allowed the client the ability to enhance their products during the new import. As none of the pre-existing inventory had SEO metadata, the new content was all coded properly to achieve intelligent page titles and descriptions which are now in harmony with the product's forward facing description.
  • Content Migration: Website included migration of other website pages and content into Shopify, also now coded to include proper metadata for search engine optimization.
  • Image Formatting and Optimization: AdverGroup rescued all product images from the clients pre-existing website server and resized and formatted these images for optimal performance on the new eCommerce website.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  Not only did we correct all their non-existing or poor metadata on their homepage and webpages, we also produced Search Optimized Blog Content and SEO Blog Configuration plus SEO Optimized Content Creation for Bakery blog.
  • Shopify eCommerce Training: Includes ongoing training relative to updating products, content and homepage.
  • Recreation of client's Favicon.
  • Included configuration of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

Contact AdverGroup today for assistance in achieving a professional Shopify eCommerce website design. Shopify eCommerce websites developed by AdverGroup will help your eCommerce business grow. Beyond being a local Shopify expert, we are also experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We provide professional search engine optimized "eCommerce" websites that are built with the intention to conquer search engines. We are considered among the best Shopify website developers in the Chicago area because we offer complete packages that include training that helps our Shopify clients keep their eCommerce websites active and relevant on search engine result pages. 

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